Floor Leveling Services in Los Angeles & Pasadena, CA

Seismic Safety really is the most-respected and most-reliable Earthquake retrofit Company in Southern California. We have been around the longest, more than 50 years. Seismic Safety Inc has seen virtually every type of residential structural issue, serving 20,000 properties just since 1995. We make homes safer in the case of Earthquakes, we also repair and install foundations (an integral part of the structure), and mitigate slope and drainage issues on your property. Because the majority of this type of special construction work takes place beneath a home, many home owners come to us as victims of unscrupulous contractors, to fix or check the work of other so-called Earthquake Retrofit “experts”. In 57 years, we’ve never heard of any customer using another company to “fix” our work.

Fixing and Adjusting a Sagging or Un-even Floor

Be careful, lifting a house a house that has uneven floors with a hydraulic jack can be tricky business and should only be done by a licensed, experienced contractor like Seismic Safety. If settled portions are lifted incorrectly, Floor Leveling Pasadena adjustment can cause even more damage to your home, breaking windows and creating even larger cracks.

Foundation lifting can be necessary for fixing a sagging Floor Leveling Los Angeles. Sagging and uneven floors are common in older homes and are due to foundation settlement. You don’t have to live with sloping floors, windows or doors that stick and constant cracks appearing in your finished walls, our contractors are experts in sagging floor repair. Over time the soil under the foundation will settle, usually at different rates in different areas, causing the floor to warp and sag. There are a number of causes of uneven foundation settlement, but the main culprit is usually water. Water from leaky pipes, rain or sprinklers, if allowed to collect near the foundation and soak the soil will create havoc. Wet soil has reduced weight bearing capacity and over time will result in soil settlement and foundation damage.

Quite simply, it means Earthquake Hazard Reduction. Earthquake retrofit for wood frame buildings addresses what is known as “The Earthquake Weakness” — which involves the attachments of the structure — your home — to its foundation. Seismic Safety evaluates and performs structural and foundation reinforcements that will reduce the risk of earthquake-induced damage to your home. Recent earthquakes have shown that if a building has weak cripple wall bracing or is unbolted,it may slide off its foundation even in certain moderate earthquakes.We have seen buildings whose Cripple stud walls have toppled over,and the buildings have collapsed and slid.Fallen buildings may catch fire or need extensive foundation repairs to restore occupancy requirements.

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