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This place used to be a famous bookstore called Nayodo Shoten.

Mr. Mita, the owner of the gallery next door, gave us scrapbooks left by the second family head of Naoyodo Shoten, Makoto Yanagawa.

In them were so many of advertisements of that time. Mr. Mita handed that history to our hands, thinking it might somehow help us who work at a design office

So, for the first exhibition as a gallery, I decided to exhibit works that were inspired by those scrapbooks.

History is accumulations of the blurs of time. We cannot stake the ever-flowing time down to rewrite it. It is to add just a little bit of transparent touches to the blurs of time, to be a mediator to weave into the future.

As I was thinking such things, the colors of the images faded further and further. And they became transparent more and more.

So, I decided to create works with the movements of time. It is to add today’s borderlines to the pieces of history I have received from the scrapbooks, and capture them in the forms of paintings. In such thought, I placed transparent outlines and transparent colors.

I never knew that there was Nanyodo bookstore here, but it is hard to think as a coincidence that we run a bookstore of typography here.

In the world of European fonts, so-called Mincho in Japanese is called Serif. And Gothic is called San-Serif.

San-Serif that contains modern impressions has been prevailing ever since the time of modernism, but I have been somehow always drawn to Serif that has traces of the flow of time.

So, I decided to call this bookstore ‘serif s’.

Everything is dressed in beautiful time. A rock, a tree and a flower. A book and people. We are mediators to pass those beautiful times to the future.

“For Nanyodo.”

This exhibition is a graphic letter from us, who live today, to a historical bookstore Kanazawa then was proud of.

Seitaro Yamasaki

Written by

Art Director / Artist

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