GSoC 2017 Project Overview — Final Post

Sejal Khatri
Aug 29, 2017 · 5 min read
Coding the summer away!

Google Summer of Code 2017 is just about over and I am absolutely thrilled to have worked for Wikimedia Foundation under mentors Sage Ross and Jonathan Morgan consecutively for 2 internships now! (including Outreachy’16 December Internship). This post is dedicated towards providing a brief overview of my project.

Summing it all up!

Wiki Ed Experience:

Over the course of my Internship I got many experiences which includes getting in touch with Dashboard users from all across the world (Israel, Canada, USA, Egypt, Serbia, Czech Republic), interacting with them, organizing user testing sessions on my own and helping them with their frustrations and understanding their needs.

My Journey:

  • For the first part of my Internship, I did some code refining for the user contribution stats and successfully made them available on the user profile pages. Along with that, I solved some issues listed on my GSoC proposal.
  • For the second part of my Internship, I started conducting user testing sessions, solved some discovered issues right away and for others I opened issues on GitHub.
  • For the third part of my Internship, I started working on enhancing the usability of Dashboard on Mobile devices. The current navigation bar is over-crowded, so to make it accessible I replaced it with hamburger menu layout. Solved problems like the overlapping of course details columns and inflexibility in using the Dashboard features on small screen devices.
  • For the fourth and final part of my Internship comes the most adventurous part — attending Wikimania’17, Montreal. I finally met Sage and Jonathan (yaay!!) and spent memorable time with them. For the first time I got the opportunity to share my work with Wikimedians at the Wikimania Hackathon Showcase (more about the hackathon and Dashboard showcase at 47:45 ) with the help of Sage Ross. Also I had a short meeting with Jonathan, to take his help on creating a user testing report for properly documenting my work. He shared relevant links and also some of his work reports to give me a gist about how an ideal report needs to be. That was a fun meet as Jonathan also suggested some universities in USA regarding my plans of pursuing Masters in Human Computer Interaction .

GSoC Experience:

GSoC’17 with Wikimedia Foundation

Being a Google summer of code intern at Wikimedia Foundation introduces you many challenges, you have to be upfront, prompt and complete many tasks which includes creating your user page and keeping it updated with project details on mediawiki, submit weekly reports, keeping your blog posts updated, pre evaluation meetups and much more.

I would like to say thank you to the Wikimedia GSoC administrators (Sumit, Srishti Sethi and others) for making us take these efforts because now when GSoC is just about over, we don’t have to worry about documenting the work and spend extra time on that. It was necessary to do it when the details were fresh in our mind.

Experience with my mentors

Taking time out and organizing daily meet ups, helping us with doubts, suggestions to improve the quality of work, guidance with the steps that need to be followed, pair programming when needed, keeping all the interns in touch and overall keeping the work environment fun and interactive.

Thanks Sage Ross and Jonathan Morgan for taking me as a intern and sculpting a novice developer into a confident and disciplined wikimedian.

Interning with Wiki Ed Foundation

Working for Wiki Ed Foundation

I got to meet Jami, Lianna, Samantha, Frank along with Sage (more about them) during Wikimania this time. We went out for supper and I spent amazing time with them. For that day I got the feeling of being a part of the Wiki Education Foundation Family and I rejoiced those moments. I am really grateful to be a part of the movement, the direction in which Wiki Ed Foundation works and the steps it is taking towards its vision.

Next steps for me

I am planning to pursue masters in Human Computer Interaction for which I have an exam due next month (GRE). Also have plans to apply for Wikimedia project grant to continue my work on the Dashboard project. In the long run, I see myself playing a bigger role in this community and open source movement.

Tasks Completed

  1. Conducting user testing sessions — I had 6 successful user testing sessions over the course of my internship.
  2. Documenting the outcomes from the Testing Sessions.
  3. Solving most of the issues discovered in user testing sessions and add features to enhance the usability of the Dashboard — mentioned below:

Future Scope

  • Work on the Suggestions made by users to increase the dashboard usability.
  • Designing Dashboard layout for the Mobile Devices.

Quick Links

Link to Dashboard:
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Issues Reported 1, 2, 3.
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GSoC’17 Wiki Page
User Testing Documentation (Work in progress)


Sage Ross, Jonathan Morgan.

Sejal Khatri

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