GSoC Coding Week 3

User testing, Resolving issues…

Sejal Khatri
Jun 27, 2017 · 2 min read

During Week3 it became clear to me how this internship is going to proceed and I started handling user testing sessions on my own. Sage trusted me with this responsibility and I am trying my best to have a successful and fun user testing session with the dashboard users. Lets jump on to the details about the issues I discovered and worked on to enhance the Dashboard usability.

Resolving Issues

I picked up one of the issues I had mentioned in my Proposal to work on and have gotten it resolved. Issue details — On a Students Course Home page, Adding info mouse overs to explain Assign and Review buttons placed under the My Articles section. Link to the merged PR.

Assign Button Explanation — Assigned article is one that students plan to create or improve.
Review Button Explanation — Keeping track of which article(s) students plan to peer review or provide feedback on.

I opened issues on GitHub depending on the feedback I received from Shani. Links to the submitted issues: Issue1, Issue2, Issue3

I worked on Resolving Issue1 — Start Notifying visitors that data from old programs is not included while calculating the page views stats for the historic courses , instead of putting zero in the page views fields. This will help to inform users that Course had an impact but we don’t have the data to display stats.

No view data available message displayed.

User testing with Amber Berson

I had user testing session with Amber Berson, she is regional ambassador for Arts and Feminism project from Canada. We discussed about the problems she faced using the dashboard based on her experience during the last Edit-a-thon she had organized and how we could resolve them.

Some technical knowledge that I gained:

Better understanding of Higher Order Components in React: A higher-order component is a function that takes a component and returns a new component. HOC takes component as a argument, they then add functionality to that component and return the component with the added functionality to it. The problem that HOC solves is writing too much boilerplate code.

{…this.props} in Reactjs: It is ES-6 feature called spread attributes, it helps making passing of props between components easier. {… } operator is used to extract properties of an object.

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