GSoC Coding Week 4

Adding tests, Styling tweaks, User testing, Documenting…

Sejal Khatri
Jun 28, 2017 · 2 min read

My work is starting to get a form after completing my 3rd user testing session in week4 and reporting some important bugs.

User testing with Heather Hart

I had user testing session with Heather Hart, she runs nomadic Wikipedia Edit-a-thons as part of her collaborative project, Black Lunch Table. Heather mentioned that she likes the functionalities provided by the Dashboard(thumbs up!) and she helped me discover few bugs.

Documenting the details — Link

Resolving issues

One of the behaviors which I noticed during the user testing session with Amber was that the date selection pop over in the Program Creation Page was not functioning properly. So I picked up this issue — The pop-up for date selection in course_creator page disappears while scrolling down using the scroll bar.

The Issue has been resolved by changing the Page layout and making some styling tweaks — Link to the merged PR.

Updated Design

Front-End Testing

Adding tests for React Components — We use Enzyme, a JavaScript Testing utility for React that makes it easier to assert, manipulate, and traverse your React Components’ output along with Jest , a JavaScript testing tool.

I worked on including tests for displaying data unavailable message when view count is zero for an historic course — mentioned in my previous blog post.

I just had to test the CourseStats component, So I used Enzyme Shallow rendering feature, it is used to constrain yourself to testing a component as a unit, and to ensure that your tests aren’t indirectly asserting on behavior of child components. — Link to the code.

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