GSoC Coding Week 5

I had participated in Outreachy’16 December Internship round and got a chance to work under Wikimedia Foundation on Wiki Education Foundation’s Dashboard project. I got a chance to work on the same project as a GSoC intern, luckily under the guidance of the same mentors Sage Ross and Jonathan Morgan. Outreachy provides a total of $500 as a travel allowance to every intern for attending open source conferences. After discussing with my mentors and knowing that I will get a chance to meet them, I decided to attend Wikimania’17 — Wikimedia Foundation’s annual conference held in Canada this year from August 9–13, 2017. This week I started focusing on my Canada Visa Application and making all the required bookings.

It was quite a hectic procedure to complete all the forms and submit all the documents but I was able to complete the application on time(yay!:)

On the Dashboard, I worked on one of the issues detected in the previous user testing session. The detected Issue was that the user was not able to understand the working of Submitted Input Field under the Course Edit Details section. We solved this by placing an info tooltip icon next to the field, which helps users understand the significance of it. Link to the commit.