GSoC Coding Week 6

Connecting with new users, solving issues…

Connecting with new users

Connecting with dashboard users

Sage suggested me to connect with new users for scheduling my next round of user testing sessions as it takes time to find volunteering users for the dashboard testing and fixing timing for the meet. So I contacted Shani, Amber and and other users who I had worked with and they helped me reach out to more people.

Picking up issues

Work on the detected issues. Dashboard has filter for the user input on some fields in the program creation page, but the same was not implemented under the Edit Details Section on the program home page. The bug was that users should not be allowed to add special characters to the School, title and term fields as it disturbs the URL format. Along with this fix, I improved the page layout for course cloned page and added info icon for the when field in program cloned page

Validation for the title,school and term input