GSoC Coding Week 7

Scheduling user testing sessions, refining the code and getting it merged, beginning to work on adding hamburger menu for making dashboard accessible on small screen.

Sejal Khatri
Aug 28, 2017 · 1 min read

This week I scheduled user testing sessions with Dashboard Users and refined code to get it merged.

Things covered in the commit:

  1. Improve the page layout for program cloned page
  2. Added validation for the title,school and term input in the details section of program page
  3. Add info icon for the when field in program cloned page

Link to the Commit — here

Making Dashboard accessible on the Mobile devices

My work shifted to achieve the goal of enhancing usability of Dashboard on small screen devices. There is already a issue opened related to this which suggests to make navigation bar accessible on mobile by switching to hamburger menu, I considered this as the starting point to reach my goal and began working towards it.

Implementation Plan

By integrating react-burger-menu with the Dashboard project. It is an off-canvas sidebar component with a collection of effects and styles using CSS transitions and SVG path animations(Src).

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