GSoC Coding Week 8

Refactoring navigation bar Haml views to ReactJs, User testing sessions.

Refactoring the code

The navigation menu code was written in Haml, I refactored it to React, So as to be able to integrate it with the react-burger-menu component. The navigation component depends on many front end parameters present in the rails haml code which had to be passed to the component. There was this tricky error which I faced — So when passing data if I was using data-rootUrl as the variable, it was not received in the component. Later I noticed in the Code Inspector that the variable is automatically saved in lower case, So data-rootUrl is saved as data-rooturl and it can be accessed in the component as `const rootUrl = $('#nav_root').data('rooturl') .

User Testing

I had 3 user testing sessions this week with
Walaa Manaem — Wikipedia Education Leader in Cairo University, Egypt and member of COLLAB. 
Nebojša Ratković — Education program manager, Wikimedia Serbia and Gabriela Boková — Education Manager, Wikimedia Česká republika.


They appreciated all the features Dashboard provides and expressed that it makes it easy for them to maintain all the records. During the user testing sessions, users shared their doubts and asked for some additional information about the Dashboard, I helped them with that . They suggested new features that they would like dashboard to have in the future.

I’ll attach the document here later which has all the records of user suggestions.