Wikimania’17 Conference Day 1

Sejal Khatri
Aug 12, 2017 · 2 min read

Communication — one of the things I want to improve with the growing network and increasing opportunities to meet new people all around the world. Who is better to guide you than the Wikimedia Communications team! The session was fun, we had a activity in which we had to describe Wikipedia in simple terms. There are all kinds of view points you have to consider while introducing a new topic.

I have to run for attending other sessions and meet more like-minded people, so I’ll list down few points which struck me.

  • Placing your story out there.
  • For explaining Wikipedia you could say it’s a free encyclopedia but that won’t work because people don’t know what encyclopedia is. Words that are simple can be understood by all the cultures.
  • Challenge yourself while describing these things depending on your audience.
  • Technical explanations to describe what you want to convey.
    For example, use cases — as Sage Ross encourages and that’s how I was able to get started with the project. Sage had listed use cases for the profile pages project which was beginner friendly.
  • For the open source community, which wants beginners to participate and contribute , having use cases for the tasks/issues which need to be resolved is a great way for new comer audience to get started and connect with the community.
  • While developing a project , you can borrow from some of the work done by already existing projects, and don’t have to develop from scratch. So, if you succeed with your work then do share it. In this way the knowledge, software in this world gets refined, improved.. That’s in a way what Wikipedia is about.
  • Publish stories, humanize.
  • Let people know about your work!! Once you forget and if the records don’t exist then what’s the point in that.
  • As you are busy growing and exploring more with your work and fun contributions —you should put your latest work out there today — Don’t wait, your posts, pictures, videos will be refined with time. (Happy Sharing:)
  • For Editors being noticed — Framing it in a way to introduce to people who are not aware of it.

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