Wikimania’17 Hackathon begins!

Meeting Sage(yay!) and lots of other amazing-smart-fun people, getting the feeling of being an Wikimedian and most important hacking on the Dashboard project!

Sejal Khatri
Aug 10, 2017 · 2 min read
Selfie with Sage!

Finally, I got to meet Sage Ross, in addition to being a amazing mentor he is a great person to hangout with. Sage introduced me to many of his Wikimedian friends(lots of them). Meeting everyone in person feels great after working remotely for a long time now.

Rachel(left), Me(middle), Shristi(right)

I got to meet Srishti Sethi, an Outreachy/GSoC administrator from India and Rachel Farrand, one of the organizers of Wikimania’17. We had great interaction and plan on meeting again.

Camelia Boban from Italy!

Meeting Camelia Boban from Rome, Italy.

Camelia joined us to work on the Programs and Events Dashboard. Currently the stats displayed on the course home page represent all the edits made by the editors enrolled in that course on Wikipedia. Camelia wanted the Outreach Dashboard to display stats only for the articles relevant to that course. So, Sage and Camelia worked on adding a feature to the Dashboard which lets you track the statistics only for a particular course such that the scope of revisions is limited to the assigned articles in that course.

It’s up and running now, to use this you have to change the course type to Article Scoped Program.

Difference between Visiting Scholarship and Article Scoped Program course types!

The Visiting Scholarship course type also has a similar feature for tracking stats based on the limited articles scope but there is significant difference between the purpose and use case of Visiting Scholarship course type and Article Scoped Program type.

The Visiting Scholarship course type is for the Experienced Wikipedians who don’t want the Dashboard to make any edits on Wikipedia(these edits basically say that the user has edited the Wikipedia being part of a Dashboard course) and Article Scoped Program course type has a wider scope, it’s for the Events where instructors want to track the progress made by only that course.

More coming up! lots more to share. Thanks for reading :)

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