Convert Transition of your Career into Transition of your Life..!!

What if your destiny leads to a stage in your life where you are given a choice of continuing with Stable Career and furthering it with lucrative prospects or offers you chance of fresh start towards your dream career. Seems like tradeoff between a straight line and a zigzag line. My choice landed on a Fresh Start towards my dream career meaning starting from scratch. Is it indeed a start from scratch, may be Yes or may be No.

Start from scratch in terms of embarking on a new journey where you will be living your dreams in reality and working towards climbing the same ladder of success in your dream field which you have already attained in your current stable job. Fresh start in terms of building your life on your own terms rather than just adjusting your life to your current circumstances. Fresh start in terms of trusting your own abilities and moving ahead towards your dream. Fresh start in terms of learning how to deal with initial disappointments. The list can go on with numerous experiences but here the whole experience of climbing the ladder will be far more different than initial experience. One will learn to cope with changes and along with will learn to see the light at the end of tunnel

At this stage you will be already enriched with your past mistakes, experiences may be positive or negative which can be worked upon with improved vision. So Fresh start here now becomes a journey on a different route but with a far more learning experience. Embarking on your passion comes along with a determination to not repeat the past mistakes which mean working towards bettering your own self rather than confining yourself within closed walls.

Now this may be regarded as transition of your career or transition of your whole life where you choose over pursuing your dream rather than living with a stable job with straight forward career graph and thereby transforming your whole life and justifying true essence of human life.