11 things your signature says about you

Ever thought about what your signature could reveal about you? Here are some tricks that could help you read a person from his/her signature-


Ascending or descending slope-

If the signature has base line going upside (ascending), the person is optimistic and very ambitious. While descending signature suggests that person is depressed, a pessimist and not goal oriented.


Small case/size capitals-

It suggests that the person is modest and doesn’t yearn for (social) acceptance.



An underline below a signature suggests that a person is confident and has healthy ego.

If the underline starts at the beginning, it suggests that person is lucky enough since childhood in terms of basic facilities(food, shelter). If the underline starts at the middle of the signature it suggests of the person’s sacrifices. It also suggests that the person struggles to adjust to the outer world, has inner fear and self-destructive nature.

Many underscoring indicates that person doubts his own importance and aims to prove a point.


Signature size compared to the script (handwriting)-

If signature is smaller than script, it indicates that the person is introvert, modest and ends up being insecure at times. If the writer is larger than the script, it indicates that the person is extrovert, contentious and often over-reacts.


Legible signature-

The people with legible signature have clear vision. Such people can market their skills well and enjoy recognition, authority. They often don’t mind letting people know what goes on in their mind.


First letter limited to initials & second name/surname included-

Such people are over-dependent on their parents. They give a secondary priority to their own aims and ambitions.


First name only-

Signature with first name only denotes person’s ability to rely solely on own strength and avoid parental help, guidance. Such people give their aims and ambitions- the topmost priority.


Large capitals-

The people practicing larger capitals in their signature have large PPI (Personnel Personality Index). They have the ability to form an impression at first meet.


Signature written with greater speed than script-

This means that the person appears more confident than he actually is. It also indicates that person is willing to improve.


Signature placed at the center-

If the person places his signature at the center of the page, it indicates that the person is shy and likes to be the center of the things.


Encircled signature-

Encircled signature indicates that the person wants to hide or shelter from the society and is of protective behavior.

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