Me Time or Escape Time

Take your me time or called escape time when you and universe both connect with heart..

It can be anytime either morning or evening or night..

when you can analyze your own thoughts.. You can talk to yourself.

  • what you have to do in your life?
  • Is my life is going where I want to go?
  • Is there any changes I want to do?

I want to share my own experience with you about “my me time”

my me time is about 9 pm to 10 pm. I wind up my whole work either it is household or anything else.

And walking on terrace to see the beautiful sky.

I see the dark blue beautiful sky with so many stars and sometime with clouds and most beautiful moon..the stars sometime hide under the clouds..

As someone said that stars in the sky ,the music and the oceans have a power to heal the person.

I born new in night when I am walking under the sky. Sometime I listen music and dancing under the moon with my self.

It your me time ,don’t share with anyone. you and universe do the magic with it.

  • you feel energize, calm and sometimes it gives solution of any problem you want to solve.
  • In this me time ,you can talk to your self or with universe and express all things you want to share.
  • and by expressing yourself you feel some what relaxed and lighten..

by walking I night after dinner your food will digest better so it beneficiary for your physical health too..

So take you me time that God give you..

You are in universe and Whole universe is in you.. Stay blessed.. spread Love..

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