Collaboration at its best…

Day 3 of the Self Learning clinic has been nothing short of interesting. I am really impressed with how much team work and collaboration is being exhibited by my teammates and am learning something new everyday. Following yesterday’s power ordeal, I had decided to work on today’s tasks yesterday but to my disadvantage, this left me subject to the technical glitches that were in the tasks.

On the task testing platform, there was only one programming language option for completing the tests and it was JavaScript. I therefore had to implement the tasks in JavaScript. This required me to read up on as well as implement JavaScript unit tests for the functionality I was to write. It was not until today morning that the learning facilitators discovered that there was no option for Python in the tests.

I am however grateful for this minor technicality as it helped me learn something new, which is what I strive for every single day. I was able to learn about the different frameworks for testing JavaScript such as Mocha and Chai which make the writing and running of JavaScript unit tests a breeze.

I also got the opportunity to help out some of my colleagues that were having difficulties in different areas and together with them, we worked through those difficulties. I am very pleased with how much I managed to achieve today and I look forward to challenging myself to do even better tomorrow. For now, let me sign out… #TIA

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