So much to do…so little time

The second day of the Andela self learning clinic has not been easy. We were tasked to create a functional shopping list application in a period of less than two days and it has been really challenging. The functionality of the whole application has to be developed with Test Driven Development methods and these take time to cover the necessary test cases for each function.

None the less, the general experience of the Self Learning Clinic is amazing, the teams are very collaborative and everyone makes sure that they help anyone who is stuck however they can. It is a wonderfully supportive structure that not only speeds up the rate of handling the tasks, but also improves the quality of the learning experience.

I am not going to wait for tomorrow to attempt tomorrow’s tasks since I realized that with the current situation of power, I am better off doing as much as I can when I can to avoid going through an experience similar to what I went through today. The learning continues… #TIA

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