7 Things every Corper needs to know

Important tips to having a successful NYSC service

Hi Everyone,

I recently completed my National Youth Service Corps [NYSC] year and so I thought to share some tips for a successful service.

Contrary to popular opinion, NYSC is not a waste of one year. I am sure some people are thinking not in Kebbi/Katsina, or [where ever you served]. I can assure you it isn’t!

Just wait till you read my list of Seven productive things u can do during your NYSC year.

1. Professional trainings and exams

During NYSC there are some training centres that give reasonable discounts for tuition, you can save about 50% of the cost if you do it now. Apart from that you might have some spare time to attend weekday/weekend lectures. Be certain to do courses that relates to your career goals. Of course some are scams but there are still value adding trainings you should take advantage of.

Better still, if you have internet connection download several tutorials and lectures-audio/videos. Sites like coursera, lynda, linkedin learning, udacity,udemy..e.t.c make learning easier

Since you are not sure of internet access at your primary place of assignment [PPA],you can even download them at home and take along in a flash/hard drive

2. Learn a trade

Sewing, making beads, ankara shoes, baking, furniture making, hair dressing, makeup… The list is endless, You can connect with some of the Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development-[SAED] instructors when you see them in orientation camp or at your Local Government Secretariat. If you don’t know how to do any hand work. This is a good time to learn.

3. Start a business

Yes I mean it. Start selling goods or services. Learn the rudiments of doing business, how to handle customers, make sales, negotiate prices. All these skills will definitely come in handy in the future. Watch out for a need and start small.

Ideas- Posted to a school without a snack shop for students and teachers. Do it! You are in a residential area with lots of bachelors, start cooking! Be a lesson teacher! Just do something else, you might even need to boost your income because that Allowee- is never enough.

4. Volunteer for free somewhere else

So you work with a government agency and the fully employed staff don’t do much, talk less of corpers and you just have to come in twice a week. Volunteer somewhere near your house. Tell them you just want to be busy and you can offer services x,y,z. Even if it’s typing/secretary work, personal assistant etc.

Trust me you can make contacts and have access to info that can boost your career or just have some more working experience.

5. Start generating content online.

Digital content is king now, everyone is on the internet viewing one thing or the other, don’t just browse every day, upload your own content for others to view/read.

What’s that thing you love to do but have not got time to do before now? Singing/dancing /mimicking /cracking jokes… Whatever, start something? Create a free youtube channel, record yourself doing it and upload. Build a community of fans and subscribers. Who knows? You can become a brand ambassador or start earning money via Google ads.

6. Write a book or blog constantly.

Even if it’s about NYSC life in your state. That way at least you build your writing skills. I am even yet to see a day to day blog on NYSC life, orientation camp and service the full service year. You can start it.

7. Take along with u books- {Motivational/Christian/Business/Biographies} not only Romance for the ladies or action for the Guys

This one everyone should do. Spend your one year reading books that can change your life. Draw up a list of 12 books you want to read during this period, one per month and start. Team me with some friends and review the books you have read, it’s more interesting that way. Knowledge is power and you are what you read.

Remember you are absolutely responsible for the outcome of life.

Yes! Have fun, meet people e.t.c. But don’t forget it’s a whole year. You don’t want to look back after POP (passing out parade)and feel like you have wasted your life.


P:S==> Feel free to drop some advice from your own nysc experience and remember to share this with every ‘copa’ you know.

Wee Oh!!!!