Compassion to Oneself

— — -

Today is all about you

Everyday should be all about you.

— — -

Isn’t it funny how you exhaust your energy in keeping up the connection with your friends ?

In fact, it’s even sadder when some don’t even acknowledge you.

— — -

Whereas along the line;

You tend to drift further away from the purest of all tenderness,

The Compassion to Oneself.

— — -

You start dreading being alone.

You don’t derive any joy from being in the company of yourself.

WE have all neglected ourselves for far too long.

— — -

It’s high time we invest in ourselves

The time to strongly accept, believe and understand that

We are good enough

— — -

Amidst all mistakes and challenging times

Treat yourself with love and kindness

Discover the potential of your strength

Nurture the bond you have with yourself.

— — -

You need to highly respect yourself

Start by developing the confidence to praise your talents

You can’t feed your soul with negativity

And still expect to be connected to your deepest values.

— — -

With you all along

Sekinat Sanni.