My experience with day 3 of the first week of the bootcamp.

Given the more tasks, and assignments given to us in the boot-camp self learning clinic. I am learning lots of things that i didn’t know and wouldn’t have known existed if i hadn’t been given the opportunity of joining the boot-camp. For example the platforms like (gitter,trello,google sheets to keep track of the candidates progress) are extensively used .

This has opened my eyes to new things that i wouldn’t have known if i hadn’t applied to the Andela fellowship program. I believe am not the same person as i had started the week of the boot-camp and i am still evolving and learning new concepts.

The daily assignments given help to evaluate and measure the competence of the the candidates within the boot-camp phase.I am really gaining new experiences with each day of the boot-camp. For example the interactions within the boot-camp groups we where put in, Test driven development is emphasized which i think is a good practice for programmers be it a beginner of professional developer.

I have also learn’t that the boot-camp doesn’t only look at the programming skills only but also soft skills like group interactions, self discipline ,growth mindset are also tested and evaluated for the different candidates.

But all is not well, i am facing a bunch of challenges as an individual for-example during Tuesday and Wednesday i had power outages, and i couldn’t submit the assignments on time and the internet is expensive which isn’t fast enough. But am giving it my best because living without challenges is not living. I know i can become better world class developer if i can pass this phase of the boot-camp.

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