Chatbot capital Vienna sends testing framework to compete at betapitch|global 2017

betapitch is an annual pitching competition for the betahaus network of betahaus co-working spaces and partner spaces, like sektor5. May 4th sektor5 hosted the Viennese chapter again, kicking off betapitch season. Local chapters are to take place in Berlin, Hamburg, Sofia, Lisbon, Jönköping, Tirana, Minsk, Mostar, Cairo, Dubai, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing. All local winners will compete at betapitch|global in Berlin, part of a bigger ‘Investor Day’.

Floor Drees, Managing Director sektor5, opening the event

The start-ups

GoElis is the Amateur Sports Tournament SaaS, sporting (get it?) a global leaderboard with results of all amateur competitions and team management functionality. Be informed when they launch:

Toby combines a digital shopping list with location services and AI, on a mission to close the gap between online & offline shopping:

Lewi Care develops a smart baby monitor to track your baby’s health with a wristband and the help of hospital-standard ‘pulse oximetry’. Currently participating in the Inits incubator.

Hypest Hive reaches an ahead-of-the-curve gamers audience and millennials through influencer marketing on YouTube and Twitch:

Start-ups pitching at betapitch|vienna

TestMyBot is a test automation framework for chatbot projects. TestMyBot’s vision is to enable non-technical team members to define, run and watch test cases for chatbots.

Kopf, Copernicus to the people, popularizes the satellite mission Copernicus with the use of a geo browser that explains satellite functions in an easy manner, through various earth observation applications.

InFlights is a Drone-as-a-Service provider, providing actionable insights using drone data generated by a network of freelance operators.

Tasty Ads is an AdTech platform to plan campaigns on pizza boxes and other take-out packaging with a transparent pay-per-box plan.

The Jury

Joining us on the betapitch|vienna jury: 
Kambis Kohansal Vajargah, Co-Founder and former CMO & Biz Guy at whatchado. Bernhard Thalhammer, Co-Founder at Frameshore, former Executive Director Styria Ventures GmbH, Sandra Schneider, International Business Development at AIT — Austrian Institute of Technology, Gabriele Tatzberger, Head of Start-up Services at the Vienna Business Agency and Thomas Schranz, Founder and CEO, Founder Lemmings (AI community).

The prizes

While the jury deliberated on the winner(s), break-time at betapitch|vienna meant hotdogs, ‘hot veggies’ and networking.

TestMyBot gets to represent ‘chatbot capital’ Vienna, and compete against all other local winners at betapitch|global. They will get their award framed by frameshore.

Inflights secured office space with sektor5. GoElis won the workshop at AITs Experience Lab on UX / VR & AR and 5starts will facilitate and host a user test panel for Lewi Care. Toby secured wild card access to Lemmings’ Summer 2017 batch.


Thank you to our sponsors:
frameshore | AIT | betahaus | Red Bull

Pictures are up on facebook

Missed your chance to pitch? You can still apply for city chapters abroad: