eSports Competition Platform Yamzu enters the Central European market through influencer marketing

‘Performance Influencer Marketing’ Hypest Hive e.U. will assist Yamzu in entering the Central European market. Yamzu is the eSports Competition Platform from Sweden that provides gamers the tools to create and participate in esports competitions. & partner up

Venicraft, one of the biggest Austrian gaming YouTubers (474,426 subscribers) and Dhalucard (321,199 subscribers) will introduce Yamzu to their audience of ahead-of-the-curve millennials and gamers.

Venicraft in game
“We are proud to announce our partnership with the esports competition platform Yamzu. Our Youtube and Twitch influencers are excited to present the platform to their audience and we think that this is just the start of a long-term, fruitful partnership.”
Mo Ghanim, Founder & CEO Hypest Hive

Mo has made quite a name for himself on Steam — the digital distribution platform offering multiplayer gaming, video streaming and social networking services — with 4207 games owned and 1080 DLC (additional content created for a released video game) owned.

Venicraft on the Yamzu platform
“Hypest Hive helps us and the streamers find the sweet spot, we love working with them. They understand the market, the value and they go out of their way to help us and the streamers. This is our first run, and believe we will do more work with them.”
Asiad Majeed, Founder & CEO Yamzu

Hypest Hive participated in the 2017 betapitch|vienna competition early May, partakes in the Creative Region Linz accelerator ‘Creative Media Entrepreneur’ and receives support from Accent. Hypest Hive founded May 2017 and already counts Greetzly among its partners

Yamzu takes part in the 5starts accelerator 2017 batch. Prior to that Yamzu participated in the Arctic Business Incubator. Yamzu secured a 2M SEK grant (45% funding coverage) ‘Innovation Support’ (Innovationsstöd) from the Swedish Government.

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