Unraveling red tape: sektor5’s “Melange” event series helps expats settle in Vienna

Join us for the next Melange on March 10, 2016! Breakfast, coffee and panel discussion commence at 9:30 a.m. at sektor5 in Vienna.

Vienna, or Austria in general, can be a jungle of bureaucracy. Locals already know what to expect and merely roll their eyes in exasperation. But newcomers are often amazed by the insane amount of bureaucratic hoops they have to jump through if they want to start a life, let alone a business, here.

That’s why we’re introducing Melange, a bi-monthly breakfast event series specifically for expats. The first event “New to Vienna? Here’s how we do business!” took place on January 13, 2016. Join us in our café area at sektor5 for the second Melange on March 10. We’ll be taking a closer look at banking in Austria: How it’s done, what to expect, and which documents you’ll have to bring along.

Support and information from experts and fellow expats

The idea behind Melange is to guide and support expats who want to start a business in Vienna. While the main focus will be on entrepreneurs looking to enter the Viennese startup ecosystem, we’ll also cover more personal issues relevant to expats. Each Melange event will centre around a specific topic. We’ll answer questions from “where to apply for funding” to “how does renting a flat work here, especially if you don’t speak the language?”

Get ready to take notes!

We want to connect expats to the people and resources who can help them further, as well as offer an opportunity to network casually over a cup of coffee and a pastry. The morning events start with an expert panel discussion, followed by questions from the audience, before segueing into the networking part of the morning.

The trickiest questions are those you don’t know to ask

At the first event we looked at how to set up shop in Vienna “by the books”. The main takeaway was that Austrian trade law can be quite tricky, and that the danger lies not in the things you know to google but, rather, the regulations you have no idea existed and don’t even know to ask about.

On our panel were Jan Riepl from the Vienna Business Agency and Anna Kohlmaier and Beat König of Vienna Law Clinics.

The Vienna Business Agency is a fund of the City of Vienna and supports entrepreneurs financially and with free consulting services. The Vienna Law Clinics are offering legal advice specifically for startups, but also in regards to asylum law. Both organisations support Austrians and expats alike and offer services in, at the very least, German and English.

If you want to learn about all the tricky things you need to know to start your life and business in Vienna, make sure to come to sektor5 to join us at the next Melange event on March 10 at 9:30 am. It’s also a great opportunity to check out the coworking space itself. We offer a free trial day for all Melange attendees.

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