Vienna artist BUSK painted our walls and we are thrilled to pixels!

BUSK: “sektor5's coworking space is a place where people meet each other, work with each other and talk with each other. The pixels on the wall reflect this bustling atmosphere”.

BUSK x sektor5. Photo: Niko Ostermann

Paul BUSK is one of Vienna’s best-known artists who has made a name of himself by utilising spray-cans, stencils, markers and vinyl-stickers. His ape-head is among the most recognised urban mythological figures in Austria and has become one of Vienna’s inofficial — and thus true — landmarks.

BUSK has previously collaborated with local creative hubs such as Grelle Forelle night club, meshit fashion label and, now, sektor5 coworking spaces.

Needless to say, we are thrilled to pixels.

When we asked BUSK to design a mural for our communal café-area he came up with a large size piece that you won’t get tired of looking at.

Busk has taken a two-tier approach by incorporating existing design elements and features he took on upon his first visit:

“The sektor5 coworking space is a place where different people from different professional and creative background meet seemingly randomly. When I entered the café-area for the first time I could feel the hustle and bustle, people where talking with each other, eating with each other, reading or on the phone , they all formed relationships and arrangements with one another. It is these elements — or as I like to call them — pixels, that I wanted to arrange in various shapes and sizes on the walls in order to reflect this bustling atmosphere. The pixel itself is actually the top part of sektor5's numerical logo.”

What we love about Paul BUSK is not only his eye for shapes, numbers and type, but also an astute understanding of his surroundings:

“The sense of hustle and bustle in the café-area stands in stark contrast to the quiet in the sektor5's actual coworking space. This is also reflected in the mural, as the pixels turn down their volume gradually with every inch you move towards the door to the coworking space itself.”

BUSK x sektor5. Photo: Niko Ostermann
BUSK x sektor5. Photo: Niko Ostermann
BUSK x sektor5. Photo: Niko Ostermann
BUSK x sektor5. Photo: Niko Ostermann
BUSK x sektor5. Photo: Niko Ostermann
BUSK x sektor5. Photo: Niko Ostermann

The mural is free to view and open to the public Monday to Friday from 9am — 6pm. For more info on coworking please visit

Hi-Res Photos of Busk and his mural:

sektor5 coworking spaces
Siebenbrunnengasse 44
1050 Wien

Press Enquiries:
Daniel Eberharter, MA
+43 676 388 2951

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