Have your opinions, but don’t be dumb

If there’s anything in this world that riles me up like nothing else, it’s debates about healthcare and women’s rights. And ohhhhh boy am I lucky that every time I turn on the news or open Twitter, I’m thrown into that.

JK. It sucks. It sucks that as an “advanced” nation, we’re still debating if people should get access to affordable healthcare. We’re still debating if women’s bodies BELONG TO WOMEN and if we should be able to make the damn decisions of what we can do WITH OUR BODIES. And because I’m so frustrated and it’s not doing me any good to have my argument swirling around in my head, I just need to put it in writing to make sure I’m not going crazy. Here we go.

  1. Everyone is allowed to have an opinion. I understand that. I respect that. What I don’t respect is hypocrisy — but I’ll get to that later. I still respect my dad, even though he (like many others) voted for Trump. What’s upsetting to me that someone whom I care about would vote for a man who was/is unfit to lead a nation; but my dad believed (like many others) that there would be experienced people surrounding Trump in the White House and the republican party would just act normal when making decisions. He was wrong.
  2. Do me a favor. Look up a list of countries with universal health care. There’s a lot of developed nations on that list and I think the leaders of the U.S. have the mental capacity to realize that healthcare is a human right. Here’s the thing: the government/tax payers/rich people don’t have to pay for 100% of every person’s medical costs. I happen to think it’s completely fair for individuals to opt in and pay a smaller price for insurance. A lot of people happen to agree. It’s absolutely ridiculous to me that someone who’s down on their luck or in a job with no benefits or a CHILD could be stuck with millions of dollars in medical bills because the wealthiest American’s “needed” a tax break. Are people that selfish that they need to save a couple hundred thousand dollars more and leave MILLIONS of people uninsured and left for dead? Y’all. Part of the perk of being wealthy is that a few thousands of dollars here or there shouldn’t mean anything, and CONGRATS, you also get to save people’s lives without leaving your mansions!
  3. The pre-existing conditions thing is bullshit. I get the concept that the republicans are fighting for. People applying for AHCA/ACA/AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH coverage that have pre-existing conditions are likely to be the ones that rack up more medical expenses that the government covers. But here’s the thing: some people aren’t born 100% healthy and IT’S NOT THEIR FAULT. A baby born with a heart defect is already at a disadvantage to living a normal, healthy life and you’re just going to fuck their parents over because it’s a pre-existing condition? Not cool. I know a perfectly healthy woman who is going to need coverage under the ACA/AHCA in the near future when her divorce is finalized, buuuuuuuut she has a minor issue that’s on the list of pre-existing conditions and that just made things a hell of a lot harder, even though it doesn’t affect her day to day well-being. Not cool.
  4. WOMEN’S BODIES BELONG TO WOMEN AND EVERYONE ELSE CAN SHUT THE EFF UP. How is this hard to understand? I don’t want to see another picture of old, white men sitting around the president’s desk making choices about my ovaries. I want to see Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris making those decisions (which would be the choice to let me fricken decide what to do with my body).
  5. More specifically: HOW DO PEOPLE NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT PLANNED PARENTHOOD ACTUAL DOES? It is 2017, people. Planned Parenthood does a whole lot of good for a whole lot of people. Medical examinations, birth control, cancer screenings: these are all things that Republicans would be taking away from the female population (like 50.8% of the U.S. population, fyi) because they don’t understand shit. (Clearly this is the thing that upsets me the most.) Okay, let me break it down further: FEDERAL FUNDING DOES NOT PAY FOR ABORTIONS. Federal funds pay for Medicaid/Medicare, which are accepted at PP, for preventative care. Yes, women can go to PP to get an abortion, but THAT IS THEIR CHOICE. People who are protesting outside of PP buildings and threatening employees/volunteers often claim to be pro-life. But being pro-life means that you should support the life of the woman making the decision to walk into Planned Parenthood. Not everyone who visits the clinic is there for an abortion, and these protesters are causing psychological harm to so many non-abortion-getting women who just need to get past the protesters so they can get birth control and avoid having a baby to abort in the first place. I’m pro-choice, but that doesn’t mean that if I accidentally get pregnant I’m going to murder the fetus. I don’t personally think I could go through with an abortion, but I understand and support the women that have to make that decision. It sounds really tough. And it’s completely hypocritical of pro-life people to judge women who get abortions if they aren’t ready or able to raise a child. If you want that woman to keep her baby but she can’t afford to raise it or was raped or literally any other reason because it’s her body, you better line up to adopt it and pay for all of the medical expenses that come along with that. OH AND WAIT: if you scare a woman into keeping a baby that she isn’t prepared for/can’t raise AND you take away her healthcare, that’s actually the worst. You better empty your pockets and support her life as a mother.

In conclusion, I’m still really freaking mad about all of this. Call your senators so 98% of us aren’t screwed, because I can guarantee that the policies Republicans are trying to put into play are going to affect every one of us in some way.