Multimedia Devices for Car -Head units

Sarawood Carlos
Nov 18, 2019 · 3 min read

Head units — multimedia devices specially designed for installation in a regular place while preserving the original design of the car.

Almost all car manufacturers, even recognized leaders, are putting all their efforts into making their brainchild more beautiful, convenient, fast and safe, while forgetting about one important device — the car radio. No matter how modern the car is, the factory audio system is most likely out of date for several years. And if you do not have the latest model, then the radio, no doubt, leaves much to be desired. In this case, you have to limit yourself to listening to CDs, audio tapes and radio, forgetting about MP3, DVD and much more.

However, having decided to replace the radio, the car owner is faced with the need to disrupt the interior design and abandon many convenient functions (for example, control buttons on the steering wheel). In addition, many cars are equipped with such devices that are located under the panel, and it is especially difficult and expensive to replace them.

What to do? Is it possible to enjoy excellent sound without violating the beauty of the cabin?

The output may be the installation of the best double din head unit. They are specially designed for each car brand and are installed in a place designated by the car manufacturer.

The latest models of full-time radios are virtually unlimited opportunities for entertainment and not only for entertainment. This includes:

  • listening and viewing CDs and DVDs, mp3 files,
  • work with flash drives, including telephone cards,
  • watching analog and digital TV,
  • GPS navigation
  • browsing the Internet, reading mail,
  • viewing information that parking sensors or any modern rear view camera gives out,
  • notification of the presence or absence of traffic jams,
  • the ability to talk on a mobile phone using Bluetooth (and you do not need to separately purchase a Handsfree device),
  • and much more.

Advantages of installing the head unit:

  • allows you to expand multimedia capabilities,
  • when installing, changes to the wiring diagram are not made,
  • the radio control remains with the buttons on the steering wheel (multi-wheel),
  • the design completely coincides with the factory one (including button illumination, material, dimensions, color, etc.),
  • they are built in where, according to the idea, the control panel should be,
  • most often the head unit is able to “speak” in english, even if you install it in a foreign car,
  • advanced functionality and many new features (iPod connection, Internet access, etc.)

It was not possible to find the disadvantages of installing the standard radio tape recorders.

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