2 days as a cookie seller ☺

So I worked as a cookie sells girl for a weekend open food festival in downtown Helsinki and here are the things I found out.

1. The Finns love them some “Pistachio” flavor pretty much in any form of sweet. 2. The Finns will AUTOMATICALLY LEAVE if they sense even a tiniest bit of attempt to sell/advertise something to them. 3.The Finns are extremely shy that the moment you say “Hi/Hello” to them…they back away!…. So the trick is to let them approach the stand, pretend like you haven’t noticed them at all and the moment they look up at you, go and politely speak to them smile emoticon 4. The widest I have seen the Finns smile is when I tell them they could take the empty box and serve them selves, with no pressure and no time limit and that when they finish they could go to the cashier to pay”! maan… that made each and everyone of them sooo freaking happy! 5. The older Finns/Or maybe all the old people who came to our stand had looooots of money. Or sweet tooth. or lots of kids and grand kids. Or all of the above! 6. Young people are broke! 7. Kids and pregnant women cannot resist sweets. (except for some kids who refused an offer from their parents.. I thought they might be aliens but that’s another thing.) 8. Working with a boss who is fun and positive makes the whole experience unimaginably exciting while passing the time 10 times faster (like yesterday) and 9. Working with a boss,who has the urge to tell you what you must and must not do, every 5 seconds, with a stern face and very arrogant British accent makes the time literally STOP and forces you to contemplate several possible? scenarios to hurt her! I had no idea I was capable of doing, I mean, thinking of those things myself. (Also, it was great fun to watch her struggle with the Finns …Major culture shock at its finest. Made my day grin emoticon ) 10. All those t-shirts and clothes in general that make you think “who on their right mind will wear that?” have owners and they wear them. 11. Seeing your friends among-est all those strange faces will make you happy and grateful in ways you didn’t know before. Thank you soo much for those of you who came to say hello and give me all those sneak hugs over the counter kiss emoticon 12. My Finnish language skills magically improved in the past two days more than they did in the past 3 years. I mean really, it was impressive! 13. And finally, having to smile/be nice to random strangers, trying to spark conversation and to finally sell them something is a TOUGH job. So kudos for those people who do this for life. I have learnt my lesson. It was great!

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