are we ready to globalize?

The fact that we have been isolated from the rest of the world for centuries is finally showing its impact on the way globalization is hitting us. Our narrow understanding of the rest of world and our awareness of the position we have on it, is affecting us in ways we are absolutely not ready for. The thing is, the world has used out its resources and anything and anyone with our kind of authentic, unexplored, unique heritage is what is being sought after. While we blind ourselves with our brainwashed ignorance, they are coming literally for our names, our intellectual properties, our resources and our land.

What we need to understand is, in the world of globalization, everything is open to be owned and used by others, the way they want it, unless stated/claimed otherwise. Nobody is going to just stay away if what you have has value and you are not using it! And it is really bothering me how the average educated Ethiopian is not aware of the kind of situation we are in. Look at Teff our holy small grain. Did you know that Ethiopia have lost the control over the use of its genetic resources because someone signed an agreement with Dutch company HPFI and now Teff is patented by them and any future use of the grain in the global market ?. How about Vibram, the shoe company that has trademarked the name BEKELA, (after our very own, great marathon runner Ababe Bekela), without even asking his children for permission and therefore by barring them from ever using their own father’s name? (His kids have filed a lawsuit yesterday against this btw) And how about soleRebels, the first ever African shoe brand to make it to the global stage and yet having been robbed of its domain name and ethos by a Canadian company operating in Ethiopia, confusing the whole world by basically being an imposter. How about the case with Urban outfitters when they were selling our traditional women’s dress a.k.a “habesha kemis” by displaying it as “vintage 70’s style” and giving no credit whatsoever.

This is a crazy time where traditional power/authority has no use in the larger world stage. On the contrary, it’s a time where intellectual awareness of what is going on in the world is most crucial. And mainly because of this, we shouldn’t expect our “heads” to even comprehend the gravity of the situation (nor the rest of the collected government representatives at the AU). They just can’t. I suggest for the sake of ourselves and the generations to come, we, the educated off springs of this nation, need to take matters to our hands and pay a bit of attention towards what is going on around the globe regarding the things that are originally and rightfully ours and shade lights in to wrong doings whenever they suffice. After all, that’s the cool thing about this brave new world; everyone has some power to do something.

Our forefathers have fought off colonial powers with bare foot and tremendous bravery, but times have changed and we are in a new kind of war. One we might not have a chance to win unless we are constantly vigilant and act instantly when things are not right.

በር ዘግቶ መጨፈሪያው ጊዜ በጣም እያለቀ ነው። ነቃ በሉ።

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