Reverse culture shock — 101

A month and half since I moved back to my country and here are the things I have constantly been told thus far.(this post was originally on my facebook )

1. That I should get married right now or

2. at least should have a fiance or

3. Just stop kidding around with my life and start thinking about having kids already or

4. That I must be crazy that I wear different ear rings or

5. I must be freaking out inside but that I am pretending to be so confident while wearing something “modern”/stylish like Beyonce’ (random guys on the street said that)

6. Or that at the end of the day it doesn’t matter if am very much educated since that will be a threat for my would be guy and I should NOT be thinking about more education like PHD or something…or that am going to die alone.

7. Or I should NOT be thinking about going and living abroad again now that am back. I SHOULD SETTLE DOWN ALREADY.

8. That the age 30 is the end of the world and I should be done with everything (aka having my own family before that. A CLOSE FRIEND WHO IS THE SAME AGE AS MINE SAID THIS…. Actually she told me that NO ONE…like…NO ONE will look at me after a couple of years.) and

9. Last but not least, whatever discussion comes up, my opinions are because I was abroad and not because I actually thought those things myself. And sometimes it’s because I want to show off and not because I want to share my opinions.

#‎RIP‬ personal space #RIP facts and #RIP privacy.

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