Back when I wrote 4 page poems…

It was as if looking at the past brought another day.

It brought tomorrow

And it brought the simple words to mind

That this life is a beautiful one.

It lingers in the air for days.

It is unlike any other scent.

You don’t have to stand on the tips of your toes to sniff it

You just breathe it in.

Breathe it in because that’s all you can ever do.

This moment in so many others

This moment compared to the mass moment

Of our lives.

I believe that with each new day comes new inspiration

I can still taste the words…


but it was there all along.

Creeping around my heart like vines.

Contracting it till I couldn’t breathe anymore.

Until all my heart wanted to do

Was keep getting smaller

Keep getting colder

Then suddenly finding the reason to beat again

More lively this time

Beating faster with each moment

Beating faster with each quick breathe I took

It wanted to break lose

Until the vines grew weak

Tore at the seams

And my heart reached out for its pieces

That once layed strewn across the moments

That broke it apart.

It believed again

In the art that expressed itself in words

Flowing in patterns

Flowing from each signal of the brain to the other

Messaging to the fingers

Flowing through the eyes

Peering at the page

That could look at someone

And find something in them

Find her inspiration

And realize that all of this

And all of that

And all of everything in between

Was all put together perfectly

For the sake of the journey

And people and things don’t just happen

Eyes do not just stop for a moment and meet

They glisten in these utterly beautiful moments

Thesw moments of coquetry

And mediocrity

And anything you want to call this moment

They make you giggle

Because it seems like for a moment.

The movie was real.

And it was passionate.

And the tears roll down your face

Because you see why the author first wrote the words

You see the vision the director saw

That could make a little girl or little boy dream

It was these very moments

That the image of poetry ran through from

the heart

To the skin

Through the fingers

Through the mouth that spoke.



Happily Ever After.

It was moments like these

Where the man or woman

Who was so fazed by worldly struggles…

Life’s hilly valleys

Remembered hope.

Because the child does not see the small image

They see the largely untouched one

Of a life that can be well lived.

A life pursued to the fullest.

What we push over to the fairytale

Because each of us forgot to believe in ourselves.

Each of us stopped dreaming.

Stopped opening up our hearts to the world right in front of us.

Stopped and just looked.

And observed the quiet beautiful moments.

We were once human.

But we’ve all become the monsters we’ve created.

But each year,

Each day

A new innocent face smiles into the eyes of another

And speaks of life.

Of Love.

And happily ever afters.

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