Yes, you should reach out first.

Practicing Humanity + Compassion

From Sophia Amoruso’s “Nasty Galaxy”

I remember when I used to roam the city of Indianapolis with my dad. I’ve always loved his ability to make highly inappropriate jokes or have very personable conversations with strangers we had the chance to share a moment with. I’ve taken on a fair share of my dad’s goofy mannerisms. Such as, his classic snap and point, or classic weird face expressions, or just plain dancing like your an old grandpa in public. I blame all my quirkiness on my dad. But one thing I didn’t take on was this whole feeling comfortable with strangers thing.

— It was just now that I sat in true admiration of my good friend, Yahdy, as he reached out to the French woman across the bar and humbly asked,

“What are you writing about?”

Five words later we were in deep conversation about the selfishness of human beings. I was amused by this strangers passion and eloquent way of making me think. I was even more amused that we were actually exchanging a moment.

Yahdy overlooking the city.

It brought me to another moment a few months ago with my friend Ari who met two gentleman in a large Whole Foods. We ended up having a two-hour conversation about taking chances on love and relationships. (Something I’m SO not good at, but it helped.) Again, I was able to walk away that day with something on my heart to get better at. I was able to walk away with merely the fact that I was able to be vulnerable with two complete strangers.

For me, it’s easier to avoid doing this. I’d much rather pop my headphones in and take the lone route. It’s something I struggle with daily, but I’ve admired my friends for the special moments they’ve curated into my life and I’m sure if you’ve experienced any of the above, you get it.

Last night, I had the question asked to me, “How do we reveal God’s love to more people.” Well, I think you should start with getting out of your comfort zone. And I think sharing God’s love is more about us sharing that image in high-definition with everyone. What I mean by that is, we should be reaching out more. Being the ones who are courageous enough to shine the light on someone and engage with them in a completely genuine way. It reaching out for humanity, and doing it in a way that says, I’m here too. I understand. And you’re not alone. Right now, I’m just going to be intentional about getting to know YOU and hopefully somewhere in between the moment we can find where we intersect.

Humanity is being human. Being “Godly”, just comes at the affect of how you make people feel and if you’re struggling with that just think about how God makes YOU feel.

Hope you enjoyed this one. It’s been on my heart a lot lately and wanted to share. Always open to hearing opposing thoughts and just hearing your thoughts in general. If you’d like to “reach out” I’m here. Email me at or message me over Instagram @hello_itsselani 🌸