Shortcuts to improve your zsh/bash productivity

Here’s a list of bash & zsh shortcuts, that will will help you to improve your command line experience and definitely boost your productivity.

CTRL + A ======> Move to the beginning of the line
CTRL + E ======> Move to the end of the line
CTRL + [left arrow] ======> Move one word backward 
CTRL + [right arrow] ======>Move one word forward 
CTRL + U ======> Clear the entire line
CTRL + K ======> Clear the characters on the line after the current cursor position
ESC + [backspace] ======> Delete the word in front of the cursor
CTRL + W ======> Delete the word in front of the cursor
ALT + D ======> Delete the word after the cursor
CTRL + R ======> Search history
CTRL + G ======> Escape from search mode
CTRL + _ ======> Undo the last change
CTRL + L ======> Clear screen
CTRL + S ======> Stop output to screen
CTRL + Q ======> Re-enable screen output
CTRL + C ======> Terminate/kill current foreground process
CTRL + Z ======> Suspend/stop current foreground

You know of any other important shortcuts that I missed? Please let me know in the comments.
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