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Matt Andrews
May 12, 2017 · 2 min read
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Latest news and information direct from our laboratory.

Do you feel like the development is moving a million miles a minute?

With so many new approaches and new tools coming out all the time, I like to put together a grouping of interesting articles and concepts from around the web.

Quick plug: I will be at the Colorado Springs Web Professionals Meetup next week (5/17) talking about SVG animation with CSS. Check it out!

This is a great article explaining the differences with CSS animation and Javascript animation.

CSS Animations vs the Web Animations API: A Case Study

“As with last week, I’ll start this off with an introduction to the Web Animations API. The Web Animations API provides a way for developers to directly manipulate the browser’s animation engine using JavaScript.”

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I had a chance to watch this course on (Free with a Pikes Peak Library District Card)

Ray Villalobos uses Bootstrap and Handlebars.js to walk through the basics of building a PWA

Building a Progressive Web App

“Native apps do things like work offline and load on a device’s home screen. Until now, mobile web apps accessed in a browser lacked those features.”

Click here to Learn More

Manage app state …

Very nice!

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Originally published at CarbonBased Creative.

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