BMW Films is Back

We folks in the ad agency business have periods where we might become a bit jaded by our business. Then along comes work that reminds us why we all do what we love. BMW Films was one of those moments. Being a car guy and an ad and marketing guy, they were so far ahead of their time. An effort begging for YouTube before YouTube was a thing. With spots like “The Devil” and a sub-titled James “I can’t do the splits no more” Brown. A deliciously evil Gary Oldman as the devil and a fantastically creepy Marilyn Manson cameo.

The momentary gems such as the “Hulk” Band-Aid in the Ang Lee’s “Chosen”.

The powerfully edited, “Powder Keg”.

The perfectly self deprecating Madonna in “Star”.

And of course the introduction to Clive Owen, a relative nobody at the time.

Let’s hope this effort is a worthy sequel.

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