Back To Basics: Why Shopping Malls Are Cool

As we grow more technological advanced we have started to be more comfortable with the ease of home. And to make it worse online shopping has ruined the opportunity of going outside and witnessing a normal life — people crossing road, some feud for parking or the people buying things and having discussions with them.

Though from an economical perspective, buying products online is definitely cheaper but the experience that retailers try to take care is unparalleled in brick and mortar stores. Delhi Shopping Malls such as Select CityWalk are a paradigm of it especially.

Some of the cool benefits of shopping in malls are:

People: The best part about outings is people. Some prefer to have interactions with human than a computer. Malls are a centre of attraction for people where the magic happens. It is one the friendliest places where you can just relax and talk about life and ambitions.

One stop: If merchandise purchase is your object, even then shopping malls are a perfect option. Malls are one stop solution for all purchases as it usually includes all categories and variety. Everything you might need is more than likely to be in the nearest mall. We don’t necessarily have to waste time, energy and money just to get bed sheets and pillows.

Food: Malls provide an end to end experience to the customers to make their visit pleasurable. That is good news because you don’t have go anywhere when feel hungry as famous restaurants in Delhi are already in the food court of the shopping mall. Another advantage is the variety in food available at your disposal.

Exercise: Exercise while checking off thing from the shopping list and having fun all at the same time, what’s better. Malls are usually spread over thousands of square feet to accommodate all the stores, restaurants and play zones. Walking from one store to another may not seem like much but it is actually a little over a kilometer long walk you do before walking out of the mall.

Events and offers: Shopping malls are packed with people on a regular day and even more on special days like vacations, weekends or festivals. This brings an opportunity to the mall and other companies who intend to target customers shopping at the mall. This is the reason why amazing events and offers are common place in malls, and not to mention they are fun.

Don’t have to spend: To be in a shopping is not really a costly affair perhaps that’s why it is easy to find malls full of people all the time. You can just go and enjoy the environment, events and people.

Mood booster: For most white collar workers the favourite get away are movie theatres or pubs but they are only fun if you are with an entourage. However there is no such limitation in shopping malls. People who go to shopping malls often say they do it to boot their mood. All the lights and the people and energy is so exhilarating that they enjoy every moment.