Review: Selectec PU Leather cases for iPad and iPhone

1. Selectec iPad Pro 9.7 Case

This cover is brilliant, nice and slim, not adding unnecessary bulk and looking good!
 The case has a rubberised interior which the iPad fits snugly into. This surface feels like it will grip well and won’t damage the iPad during use.
 The case itself is a tiny fraction longer than the actual iPad so hopefully should you drop it you would get some additional protection.
 The magnetic closure also makes the iPad sleep and wake when you close or open the cover which is quite neat.
 All speakers, headphone jack and power socket are easily accessible with the case installed.
 There’s a handy hand strap so you can use the iPad comfortably on the go (photos attached) and the cover folds to create a stand so you can comfortable watch the screen on a flat surface.
 There’s also some space inside the cover for business cards.
 I was worried about transporting my iPad around in a bag in case it gets bumped and scratched, this is the perfect accessory to keep it safe!
 The case also comes with a handy stylus for when you feel like getting creative!
 I received this item at a reduced cost in exchange for an honest review.
 2. Selectec iPhone 6 Plus case Black

So this is a really nice case! I have been trying to find one like this for quite some time but I either find ones that are entirely too complicated to or so big they look likes a woman’s clutch. Not cute on me, not cute. So I gave this case a try and really like it. It’s easy enough to carry my phone and a card around and not really worry about anything else. Not granted, if you lose this, then your SOL but still. Anyway, the clasp is magnetic and seems to be built pretty well because it hasn’t broken yet. This iPhone case also folds up to be a stand as well so that’s nice if you’re trying to watch Netflix on your phone. The back of this is magnetic as well so you can probably use your magnetic car month if you have one. The only thing I wish this has was a window so I can see who’s calling me but that’s just a wish. lol
 3. Selectec iPhone 6 Case Blue

I really like this case, I can hold my ID and credit cards with my phone which is super convenient! I really love the Navy Blue color as well. This phone case is durable and grippy so I don’t drop my phone. I really like the magnetic tab to keep the case closed! definitely impressed with he overall quality of this iPhone 6 leather case and the fact that it comes with a scratch proof screen protector you can apply yourself!

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