Water resistant and amazing sound

 “This is a small but mighty little speaker! I was very impressed at the quality of sound and the clarity even when on high volume was spectacular! The bass was nice and not rattle sounding like other speakers it was a solid bass. I love that the speaker has a spot to insert a memory card so i can have all of my favorite songs on the go and right above that spot is also the charging port! I frequently go to the park with my kids and have the stroller and this fits perfectly wrapped around the handle this would also attach easily to a backpack, bike and sporting equipment like a treadmill! This would be a great item for a biker or hiker this is the speaker to take on every adventure! The charge time is quick and the lasting power of this little Bluetooth device is amazing! This is also perfect for hanging in my sons room with a set playlist of lullabies for nap time. I think everyone who buys this will for sure enjoy this speaker!”

 “I have honestly wanted one of these little portable Bluetooth speakers for soooo long and just never grabbed one. Well the day has finally come! I saw this and wanted it so bad. So cute and versatile.

This speaker is a Selectec Sports Bluetooth Speaker in a beautiful sky blue. The outer layer is a very soft silicone, making it water, dust and shockproof (the silicone absorbs the impact to a certain degree). It’s really small which for me is a huge plus. I wanted something very discreet, easy to travel with, and just easy to store. I absolutely love the design of this speaker, the strap technology at the top is really great. Essentially allowing you to hang this speaker from just about any where! You can hang it in the shower, off your backpack/purse, or even your bike handle while you cruise around! This speaker can pretty much be used with just about any gadget, cell phone, tablet, computer. It can be hooked up via USB or you can tap into the Bluetooth function allowing it to be completely cordless!”

 This small black water drop shaped Bluetooth speaker has become my constant companion. It had a loop which I use to hang the speakers on. So whether I am in the bedroom or kitchen and even the garden, we use it to listen to music constantly. It is supposed to be waterproof but we have not tested this. It’s sound quality is in stereo which is another reason I like using the Bluetooth speaker. The speaker come with an instruction manual and pairing it with my mp3 player or my iPhone was easy. The battery is rechargeable so it means that we don’t need to keep buying new batteries.

Product link: http://amzn.to/2bpnyw3 (UK), http://amzn.to/2b7YWFS (US)
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Originally published at selectecreviews.wordpress.com on August 30, 2016.