2081 Wakely Street

How we designed a multi-million dollar estate in Oakville, ON, CA.

2081 Wakely street is a custom-built masterpiece with design and high-end craftsmanship. The house is meant to serve as a sophisticated and luxurious retreat that reflects a magical merge of design inspiration and architecture. It is in South-West Oakville in Ontario, CA in a very desirable community surrounded by multi-million-dollar estates. This custom-built home is a true one-of-a-kind masterpiece at the intersection of modern design and high-end craftsmanship. Skip to the bottom for pictures.

Note: This post doesn’t include any legal or regulatory process for privacy purposes. We were lucky enough to get by with ease from our friends in policy who work with the city of Oakville.

The Ask

Design, build, and install custom woodwork inside the home. We create value for our clients by consulting in each step of the process. This includes providing additional feedback on layout, functionality, usability, and staging.

Working with Selections has been a phenomenal experience throughout. Their expertise in interior design has allowed the project to realize its true economic value

Leonard Sammy, Project Manager

The Process:

Our process is clearly defined in three stages


Our design team usually kicks off every project. We start on paper, then put it in software. We took on 2081 Wakley as a challenge to design the interiors of a luxurious custom home from scratch. Working with the engineers, contractors, and project owners, we provided our insight on lighting, electrical, and plumbing throughout development. This allowed us to keep every aspect of design in mind, controlling the aesthetics of what would later become a final masterpiece.

Designing the first iteration took approx. 3–4 weeks to put the first design draft together. As design becomes more central to the project, we act as consultants to provide input and feedback. This allows us to keep iterating our designs to improve with the project with time. Nothing is ever set in stone and we’re always flexible to change how we pivot and iterate. A major challenge to our design, was on integrating IoT and electronic solutions to the home. We designed space for hidden charging ports (USB and electrical), built-in speakers in the walls and ceilings, and lighting switches all controlled from a mobile device.

Examples of our floor plan designs


All manufacturing and woodwork is done in our shop in Mississauga, ON, CA. 2081 Wakley holds a gross area between 3500–4000 square feet. The project’s size forced us to prioritize building the interiors in different stages. Manufacturing takes the longest time in our process, but as we apply just-in-time (JIT) best practices, we’re able to control every project to focus on delivering quality woodwork.

In the end, we’re able to find a neat balance between speed and quality. For 2081 Wakley, quality was a bigger factor to consider. Chasing the high-end market, we knew we needed to emphasize quality over speed in the home.


Installation came near the end of the project once foundations were built. Electrical and plumbing had to be taken care of before we stepped in. The kitchen was the first piece to come together, with upper floor baths and closets near the end. In the home, is also an elevator with custom wall units — an elegant piece that came near the end. It’s something our team hadn’t done before, but we were no strangers to the functionality. Among other creative designs included building functionality for a mud room and a dog pit. For pictures of the finished home, see below… Hope you enjoy

We’d love to hear back from you! If you’re a homeowner, designer, developer, or contractor, let’s start a conversation.

To learn more about our work, contact us by email, phone, or visit our website below:

(e) info@selectionsdesign.com
(p) +1 (905) 625–0990
(w) http://www.selectionsdesign.com

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