How To Select A Right Tutor For Your Child

Many parents hire a tutor for their kids for improving academic grades. But, parents and students should remember some points before selecting a tutor. You should check the background, fees and experience of the tutor. Search tutor in your local area so that you can find out the local references of the tutor.

Find out the track record of tutor-

Before hiring a tutor for your child, you should ask for the past rate for the several years of his teaching. You should ask for the reference from students and their parents to whom he/she has tutored previously, it will help you to know about the tutor’s track record that how the tutor can teach your child. Ask for the local references so that you can check the reality of the tutor and for the satisfactions that tutor is genuine.

Does the tutor have relevant qualification?

You should check the documents of the tutor which can prove the qualification of the tutor, so that you can know that the tutor have relevant qualification or not for the subject you want to hire him/her. If the tutor is genuine he/she should have a teaching certificate or other academic certificates. Many people start teaching without experience, but they are not trained teachers and cannot provide a quality tutoring to your child. Before selecting a teacher for your child, you should ask for the CRB (criminal records bureau) check for the last 4 years. If the tutor is having different qualification from the subjects which you want to learn from the tutor than it is useless to hire a tutor who has different qualification because he/she cannot teach you in proper way due to the experience level in that particular subject.

What tutoring strategy will tutor use?

Every tutor who has experience and a good tutor will try to find out the actual strength and weakness of your child and plan tutoring according to it. Tutors will provide your child one-on-one attention so that child can learn easily. A good tutor will apply the most useful and beneficial method for teaching, which will be more effective for your child. So search private tutors accordingly, who can understand your child and can teach with the most useful teaching method for your child.

What will the timing for tutoring?

Ask, tutor for the timing of tutoring take place. If your child age is 8 years than the timing of tutoring should be according to the child because small kids don’t have the ability to focus on their studies for more time. So the tutoring time should be planned when the student can learn easily. You should choose the time slot which is convenient for the whole family. Make sure that your child should be happy and relaxed before tutoring sessions it help him/her to focus on their studies and lessons.

Ask for the place where tuition will take place?

Mostly tutors want to teach at their own home, but you should find the teacher who is willing to come to your home for teaching your child. If the tuition will take place in the tutor’s home, check the environment of the tutor’s home. Also check that does the tutor have separate rooms for teaching your child where your child can learn his/her lesson quietly. If the tuition is going on noisy place, it will not be effective for your child because there your child cannot concentrate on studies.

What will be the cost for tuition?

You should check the actual rate in the local area for the tuition so that you can understand that whether the tutor is asking the genuine fee or not. It is not necessary that the tutor who is more expensive is the best. If the tutor is asking for the full payment in advance, be careful there before committing to the payment.

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