Modern Style of Education — Modern Style of Education

The traditional style of education is being used for hundreds of years continuously but when we compare modern style and traditional style of education we get inferior results, because now the modern style of education is providing better results than traditional style. The world is changing and the style of education is being changed by the world changes. Students have different kind of minds so the same technique is not useful for all, as a teacher it’s necessary to understand the correct method to teach every student, it puts a great effort and responsibility on creating lesson plans according to the different kind of student so that every student can learn lesson easily.

Due to the modernization in the education style we are getting better results, schools are using different kind of methods like digital boards, Power point presentation etc so that the study can be made easier for the students and flexible. Parents are hiring personal tutors, online tutors for their kids so that their kids can learn more easily and by hiring online tutor they can save time and studies can be flexible for their kids. Due to the modern style only it can be possible to learn easily through e-learning or online tutor. There are three kinds of modern learning styles.

Spaced Learning: Spaced Learning is a learning style in which the students are encouraged to learn quickly through different activities. Teachers had confirmed that due to the spaced learning the result is improving day by day. Spaced Learning is the method in which the condensed learning content is repeated two three times with 10 minutes interval during which activities as physical activities are performed by the students.

It has being proved that providing ten minutes of knowledge on any topic with a power point presentation is more helpful instead of four hour teaching in the classroom.

Flexible Fridays Teaching Style: According to the Flexible Friday Style one day is decided to teach the subject which is most difficult for the student. Every student has different mind so the same technique don’t work on every student. At Flexible Friday lesson teacher helps every student to learn what is most difficult for him/her personally.

Engagement: According to the new teaching style called “engagement” students are advised to engage with real world, analyze everything that happens. Students are advised to learn by analyzing and watching the different activities happening in the world. If the teacher want to teach the mechanism of any machine then instead of teaching theory lesson teacher should take them to the local business where students can see the live mechanism of that machine, it will help them more because engagement with something will teach more that the theory lessons.

If the teacher can show the students that how the teaching connects to the real world then their own brain cells are going to connect them and associate them with it.

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