University students pursuing private tuition classes for additional income

Private tuition is one of the few industries which are growing rapidly and at an average rate of 7% per annum. With time and advancement of information technology the way of providing tuition has also been changed drastically and now the private tuition market is gradually becoming an organised one in which some global players have already set their foot and others are entering. The customers of this service industry include not only the students at various levels but also the professionals who resort to the experts for upgrading their understanding of subjects so as to increase their competitive edge in professional field.

Who will be providing service largely depends upon the choice of the parents of students seeking private tutors or on the students who are above the undergraduate level. The study shows that most of the parents, whose children are studying at lower class, like to have the private tutors from two groups of people viz. the school teachers or the graduates, postgraduates or students from a reputed university. The choice depends upon the objective for hiring the private tutors. Usually school teachers are hired for maintaining a good grade in the subjects as, it is believed that, the teachers are better equipped with the school syllabus than a university student. The university students are hired because of many reasons. The parents believe that less the generation gap in between the student and teacher, the better will be the understanding in between them. Apart from this the parents who want to develop the conceptual base of their children along with grade also believe in appointing a good university student. Another important part is university students, being young and being a student, believed to have the most recent development in the subject matter for which they are being appointed. Moreover, the school teachers are already employed and enjoy a certain kind of upper hand being the teachers of the school in which their students are reading. The parents are afraid of making any queries about the standard of teaching in their private tuition as well as about the time spent behind each student taking the tuition from the teacher. That is not the case for a university student. They devote more time and they have an eagerness to prove themselves as a good teacher in the market, as that will ensure a continuous flow of fund to support their additional expenses and sometime even the basic needs of life and education.

On this backdrop, the university students, now a day, are in high demand in the private tuition market and in developing nations you will find almost all the university students are engaged in private tuition, as it provides a lucrative source of additional income to them. The same is true for the developed nations also, where the tutorial homes have a large number of university students registered as teachers in their payroll. The payment is far better in comparison to the other jobs which could be resorted to for additional income. In fact in UK the average payment ranges from 22–25 GBP per hour which is far better than the payment offered by other profession to the students. The way they provide is largely one to one or sometimes, for a tutor who has gained reputation, one to many. However, the on-line tuition is gradually becoming the hot favourite for both the students and private tutors, especially the university students, because of many reasons. One is of course the university students can now reach to the students of any country which has widened their scope from a mere local to global market. The university students are enlisting them as a part time tutor in the on line tutoring companies and are earning handsome amount which, in most of the time, is far more than their requirement. The world wide private tuition market is now being pursued by the university students not only as a source of additional income, but also to sustain the costly education, they themselves are following for a bright future. In many developing nations private tuition is the only source of income for many university students to sustain their life as well as their education.

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