Assignment 6.2

City Council:

The city council meeting took place Wednesday night to discuss some items of business that will be effecting the city in due time.

The first item of business was a report from the Metropolitan Zoning Commission. They are looking at a local developer to move a cemetery so they can build a supermarket in place of it. Many members expressed their opinions on this new project.

Harry Walker spoke out saying, “I’m afraid Walt’s gone overboard on this one, like he usually does. I think our neighborhood needs a supermarket. We’ve got lots of people who have trouble getting around. Walt’s one of those people who’s against anything that is progress. He just wants to get some publicity for himself.”

The council voted 5–2 against the recognizing position. After this was released a majority of the crowd left, leaving only 35 or 40 individuals remaining.

Discussion of a one-cent sales tax proposed by councilwoman Wilma Rudolph took place. This tax would raise about $400,000 for the city next year which would mean no layoffs for employees.


City Council is in the process of making some major decisions in regards to the zoning project where they are looking to move the local cemetery and build a supermarket.

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