CNA #7: Sports News

Unexpected Senior Advice

Senior of college basketball were given an opportunity to share what advice they would give to their younger selves. Some shared words like, “expect the unexpected” and “keep your head down and have a vision”. The seniors offered a lot of great advice, especially for those who have signed with the team for the next season!

Franchise Franchise Franchise!

Now that the deadline has passed fans will now know which teams will be hitting up the market starting on March 9th. Some of these include Buffalo Bill, Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets. Everyone is gearing up for the upcoming season!

You’re Out!

It’s been shared that those entering the baseball world, are getting a reality check that getting into the field is pretty tough. 136 students enrolled in Daytona Beach, Florida, school all looking to be a major league umpire. The process will be grueling as these men from so many different backgrounds come to the place to pursue their dreams.

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