CNA Week 6

  1. Hate Crimes + Guns?

Based on the June attack last year in a South Carolina church, it’s been found that guns are a huge asset in hate crimes. The CAP estimates that this has been an issue over the last five years at 1.2 million. A third were driven by ethnicity, while religion, sexual orientation and gender were next most common, but most were because of ethnicity.

2. Winner — Winnter

Nevada Republicans handed Trump a convincing win last week. Trump took 46 percent of the vote and is continuing to head on strong. These votes however we from people who are angry at the federal government or are dissatisfied.

3. The New Supreme

Brian Sandoval, the Republican governor of Nevada is being considered for the new Supreme Court. It was said by Josh Earnest (White House press secretary) that President Obama is looking to find the best person to fill the Supreme Court whether it’s a Republican or a Democrat.

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