Have you ever felt like you were with the wrong, amazing person ?

I’ve been dating this REALLY great guy for 3 months now and he has decided to buy us tickets to see Brand New, quite literally one of the loves of my life. The Band I mean.. anyway I should be shitting my pants with joy right ? I mean IT’S FUCKING BRAND NEW. wrong.

Unfortunately the first thing that came to mind was the boy who broke my heart. STOP . I KNOW YOU’RE ROLLING YOUR EYES. but please let me explain.

This isn’t just some asshole who broke my heart… he was my asshole best friend that broke my heart. He and I are exactly the same except that he’s a male. He’s the most handsome guy I know, also the most clever. You can probably tell that I could go on forever about this guy. So I wont.

Basically the entirety of my thoughts, memories, decisions and emotions have been wrapped around this one guy for about 7 years now. Why haven’t I let go ? It’s not like we speak or see each other EVER . I’m seeing someone and so is he. Why HAVEN’T I let go.

I simply just havent. I fell in love and it’s like I can’t take it back. Trust me, I hate it.

But fast forward and here’s this amazing guy who will do just about anything for me. I get to have anything, literally anything I want. And even now he buys me a ticket to brand new and all I can think of is how many times my heart ached for the boy who broke my heart everytime I listened to them and how I really only wanted to go to this concert with him and NOT this amazing guy.

This sounds shitty of me but I can’t help it. In the back of my mind I feel like I’m only meant to be with THAT guy and not this guy.

This is all I have for now if any of you would like to hear more of this shitty situation let me know. Also let me know if you think I’m insane or not..

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