i didn’t know it was a robin.

A few weeks ago a bird decided to visit our backyard during the day. Not a regular bird, well i guess a regular bird… different ENOUGH from the rest of the birds that chirp about here. He (I’m assuming he) lands in the middle of our lawn and turns his head about. Not really searching for anything just turns his eyes from one side of our house to the other. He’s a brown sort of color with a scarlet orange belly. I had never seen a bird so beautiful.

Anyway days came and went, and every morning I would see this bird just hanging about our yard. My other family members had taken notice of the bird and even one of our neighbors. Finally a few days had passed and i had become so busy and caught up with my social life that i hadn’t noticed the bird had stopped visiting our yard. This bothered me slightly. after all, it was only a bird.

found myself on Pinterest today looking at different art for Meadowlarks (thats a whole other story)and i came across a photo of the very same bird that was visiting my yard a while ago. I broke down in tears. actual tears streamed down my pathetic face as I read “American Robin” across the top of the photo. Needless to say i didn’t know what an American Robin was nor had i ever seen one. Such a common bird! A robin. and I had no idea thats the bird who was gracious enough to pay me undeserved visits every morning.

How could I have no desire to know immediately what kind of a bird it was? Why did it take this long for me to find out the bird was a robin ? Why didn’t i care ?

This makes me realize how I am as a person, to other people. Isn’t this how we are? We can walk beside someone for days and one day they’re gone and we didn’t know their name, didn’t even care to ask. Does this matter ? Im not entirely sure. all I know is my heart is a little bit broken.

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