I spent three months as a keyboard-only user. Here’s what I learned.

Great article. I actually dipped my first toe into accessibility because the battery ran out on the mouse for the desktop computer and I didn’t replace it right away. I figured I could always use the keyboard instead, right? I use the desktop computer infrequently, mostly for getting things off my email to print, but over the course of a few weeks using just the keyboard for all navigation I really realized just how inaccessible the web is. More than once I got completely stuck and had to close my entire browser and just try again from the beginning. One time I was completely stuck in a module for printing and had to rely on closing my program with the task manager. There were so many sites that don’t use focus rings. It was awful, and I was really aware of the fact that I got to leave and go back to my mouse accessible laptop, but so many other people don’t have that option. We have to do better. Accessibility is super important for everyone.