Nice thoughts

Fresh blackberries taste like a rainbow.

Listening to your favorite music is like giving your heart a hug.

Telling someone you love them casts a beautiful word spell and you should do it more often.

Thank you, avocados, for existing.

Dancing is freedom.

Fog, when it rolls in over the bay and chills you to the bones, is the remnants of clouds that reflected sunshine and raindrops and maybe once looked like a dragon to a five-year-old.

Hot drinks on a cold day.

Cold drinks on a hot day.

Friends who remind you, “You are enough.”

Because you are enough.

Good hair days make the world seem a little bit better.

Snuggling up with a favorite book.

Writing. Writing anything. Just writing.

The tiny umbrellas that come in tropical cocktails.

Fresh flowers that fill a room with fragrance so sweet and soothing it transports you to a place in your brain that reminds you love exists in the world.

Getting manicures in funky tones because you like to see pretty colors wherever you go.

Friends who are your friends despite what you consider your “flaws.”

Friends who tell you it’s okay to be whoever you are. And friends who accept and understand that no one is perfect; they love you and your imperfections.

You are strong.

You are smart.

You are worth it.

You are loved.

Also, fresh pillowcases are hella clutch.

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