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Unveil the future of video content interaction with selfGPT

5 min readMar 10, 2024
Chat with YouTube video
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In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, the way we engage with digital content is taking an innovative turn.

The newest functionality of selfGPT, which allows users to chat with YouTube videos, epitomizes this transformation.

This futuristic feature doesn’t just open doors to a more interactive way of consuming content; it reshapes our relationship with information itself.

Breaking down the feature

The latest addition to selfGPT’s suite of functionalities enables users to engage in a conversation with YouTube videos.

Simply put, it transcends the traditional passive consumption model. Through an advanced transcoding process, the video’s audio is converted into a text format, which selfGPT then analyzes to allow real-time interactions.

Users can prompt questions or request clarifications on different sections of the video and receive context-specific answers.

The best part? It is not expensive operation!

Transforming podcast consumption

Podcasts available on YouTube cover a wide range of topics, from daily news to deep dives into niche subjects.

Query information from your favourite podcasts

However, the long format of podcasts can sometimes pose a challenge for users looking for specific information. The chat functionality simplifies this by allowing users to ask questions directly to the podcast, making it easier to find relevant sections or understand complex topics without listening to the entire content.

Revolutionizing study sessions

For students and lifelong learners, selfGPT’s chat feature is nothing short of revolutionary. Educational content, tutorial videos, and online lectures can now become interactive study sessions.

Query and chat with YouTube educational video
Query and chat with your favourite educational content in YouTube

Instead of passively watching a video, learners can query the video about key concepts, request further explanation on topics, or even have a dialogue about the implications of what they’ve learned. This interactive approach not only enhances understanding but also makes learning more engaging and personalized.

Navigating the news

In an era of information overload, keeping up with the news can be overwhelming. selfGPT’s innovative feature transforms how we interact with news content on YouTube.

Query and understand latest news with selfGPT
Query and understand the latest news easier

Users can inquire about specific events, ask for background information, or clarify facts, making it easier to navigate through complex news stories. This not only saves time but also ensures a deeper understanding of current events.

Enhancing creative projects

For creative professionals and content creators, the ability to chat with YouTube videos opens up a new realm of inspiration and resourcefulness. Filmmakers, writers, and artists can interact with documentaries, interviews, and tutorials, posing specific questions to gather insights or clear doubts regarding techniques, processes, or concepts.

selfGPT can help you understand your creative YouTube videos
Chat with your YouTube videos for getting new creative ideas

This feature is equally invaluable for professionals seeking to augment their skills or understand industry trends. From marketing strategies to software tutorials, users can delve deeper into topics relevant to their field, transforming any YouTube video into a personalized mentor.

By enabling an interactive dialogue with content, selfGPT not only facilitates a more active form of learning and research but also significantly enhances the creative and professional development process.

Revolutionizing financial analysis and market research

In the realm of finance and investment, staying abreast of market trends, understanding complex financial data, and making informed decisions is paramount.

The chat functionality with YouTube videos introduced by selfGPT serves as a groundbreaking tool for investors, analysts, and enthusiasts alike. With this feature, users can interact with financial analyses, stock market updates, and economic forecasts presented in YouTube videos.

Query and chat with financial videos on YouTube
Query your favourite financial videos on YouTube

Whether it’s querying about the implications of a recent merger, requesting a breakdown of a company’s financial health, or understanding the nuances behind market movements, users can receive tailored, interactive responses. This not only makes the vast ocean of financial content more navigable but also significantly shortens the learning curve for individuals trying to make sense of rapidly changing markets.

Furthermore, it empowers users to conduct more thorough and personalized market research, leading to better-informed investment decisions. By transforming passive video content into an engaging conversational partner, selfGPT is setting a new standard for how financial information is consumed and utilized in personal and professional capacities.

Beyond entertainment

While selfGPT’s ability to chat with YouTube videos obviously enhances the entertainment value of watching videos, its implications go far beyond. This functionality can transform any video content into an interactive learning tool or information source.

From DIY guides and cooking shows to fitness tutorials and motivational talks, users can interact with a plethora of content in ways never imagined before.

Chat with your DIY videos and tutorials
Understand your DIY videos with few prompts

Practical applications

Using selfGPT’s chat feature with YouTube videos is straightforward. After the video of choice is transcoded within the platform, users can start engaging with the content immediately with simple chat prompts.

Whether it’s asking for a summary of the video, inquiring about specific sections, or clarifying the information presented, the possibilities are only limited by the users’ curiosity.


The introduction of the chat functionality with YouTube videos by selfGPT is a significant leap towards making digital content more accessible, interactive, and user-friendly. It not only enhances the user experience but also democratizes information by making it easier to navigate and understand.

This innovative feature is set to redefine how we consume content, turning every video into a potential conversation and learning opportunity.

As this technology evolves, the potential for new use cases and applications is immense. Whether for educational purposes, news consumption, or simply for a more engaging entertainment experience, the ability to chat with YouTube videos is a game-changer in the digital content landscape.

Embrace the future of content interaction with selfGPT. Discover a more interactive, insightful, and personalized way to engage with your favorite YouTube videos today.

The feature will be publicaly opened on 12 March 2024, so stay tuned!

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