SelfSell Loyalty Program

Dear SelfSell community members,

SelfSell promises that every new issued personal token will come with a certain percentage of airdrops for SelfSell Keep Plan users.

JR10 Token Airdrop Plan
Total amount: 100 million JR10 tokens
a. Keep Plan Airdrop (80%):

For the SSC lockup program, a total number of 80 million JR10 token will be allocated to airdrops. This amount will be divided into 8 airdrops. From July 1, 2018, 10 million JR10 tokens will be airdropped on the 1st day of every month. Calculation of the airdrop will be at 0:00 on the day of the airdrop (Singapore time) and given at different proportions to those SSCs holders who have joined the Gold and Diamond plans. Each of the SSCs participating in the Gold and Diamond Plan will receive a 1:2 ratio of JR10 Tokens.

JR10 distribution time: the JR10 Tokens will be issued to the account together with the lockout reward when the user’s lockout period ends.

The SSC Keep Plan is a digital asset management initiative that SelfSell prepares for specific groups of existing SSC holders. The plan allows participants to choose from three plans: silver, gold, and diamond, each characterized by a different type of management time and revenue.

Diamond Plan: 365 days, annualized return of 12.00% SSC
Gold Plan: 180 days, annualized return of 6.00% SSC
Silver Plan: 30 days, annualized return of 3.00% SSC

b. Trophy mining (20%):
SelfSell App has updated to a new version and launched its trophy mining function, which allows users to get JR10 tokens for free through trophy mining.

A total of 20 million JR10 tokens are waiting for you!
Users can obtain them through:
1. Inviting new users
2. Login app everyday
3. Completing account verification
5. Deposit SSC to SelfSell App.
4. Joining SSC Keep Plan

At present, over 3 million JR10 tokens have been given to users. Let’s invite more users and get more rewards!

  • After SelfSell launches its talent market system in the app, part of the transaction fee income will be destroyed and the rest will be used to pay back to SSC holders. The details will be announced on the same day as the talent market system launches.

How to download SelfSell App?

✔️ Google Play Store(Android version):

✔️ Official website(iOS and Android version):

We are always looking for ways to maximize the benefits of our users in different ways. If you have any questions about SelfSell Loyalty Program, please feel free to drop your question in

Thanks for your great support!

SelfSell team