Welcome to the SelfSell weekly report.

This report provides an update from the Selfsell team on tech progresses as well as business advances and community activities.

SelfDax has officially launched and started open beta

SelfDax — The world’s First Personal Token Exchange
  • APP trading functionality test
  • Deployment of the Talent Exchange Market Server Monitoring
  • Blockchain browser account balance and asset ranking functions are online

SelfSell Blockchain Browser Features Update

SelfSell Blockchain Browser Homepage

The SelfSell Blockchain Browser serves as the main function of the official website ( There are two updates this time:

1. Check the amount of digital asset balance in the primary node address;

2. Check the ranking of digital asset balance in the primary node address;

Through this browser, SelfSell users can enter the account name, account address or the transaction ID to check the details of any transactions; also search for the contents of the specific block by entering block height, block hash, etc.

SelfSell Blockchain Browser Link :

Business Development

  • Strategic Cooperation with Asia Communications

This week, SelfSell and Asia Communication Technology Co., Ltd. jointly held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony in Beijing. Yuan Li, founder of SelfSell, and Xiaoman Li, CEO of Asia Communication Technology Co., Ltd. signed their cooperation agreements on behalf of their respective companies. The two sides formally reached a strategic partnership.

  • Attended Blockfesta 2018 in SETEC, Seoul, Korea

Blockfesta 2018 in Korea was quite successful.
SelfSell team are glad to have a chance meeting many investors from all around the world and share our business structure and project progress.

Community Activities

  • ROUND II: AMA with CEO and Founder of SelfSell — Mr. Li Yuan

The AMA Round II is now starting on SelfSell telegram group.
We will pick up 10 questions for SelfSell founder Mr. Li Yuan to answer in details. 
We will be open to take in questions starting NOW and will be closed next Tuesday August 28th. You will receive a 100 JR10 award once your question is selected.

On August 21th, the First Talent Trading Platform was officially launched. The launch of SelfDax marks the completion of the product matrix of the SelfSell (SSC), forming a vertical ecosystem of value digitization whose core is main network (main chain), wallet, investment and financing platform and exchange.

As SelfSell’s BFF(Best Friends Forever)and the pioneer user of, do you have any feelings, experience, ideas or suggestions in using SelfDax?

1) Is the interface user friendly?
2) Which trading pair will be listed on Selfdax in the near future?
3) Will you hold any activities/events to promote the trading volume?
4) How does your risk control team work to ensure the users’asset safety in the exchange account?

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Trading Exchange

You can now trade SSC at the exchanges below :
• BitInka: